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Our friendly gecko picks out daily racing, skill, and puzzle games for tens of thousands daily. The site has been around since the dawn of the internet (2003) and continues to satisfy our hungry gaming visitors. GameGecko generates an active audience with youthful imaginations. We receive hundreds of game suggestions and concepts through our contact form which help us develop and license games. Visit

Traffic and Reach

GameGecko receives over 20,000 youthful visitors everyday, generating in excess of 120,000 pageviews. The bounce rate on GameGecko is only 15% which indicates that our visitors find interesting games wherever they land.

  • United States

    300,000 visitors/month

  • United Kingdom

    50,000 visitors/month

  • Taiwan

    40,000 visitors/month

  • India

    40,000 visitors/month

  • Austrailia

    30,000 visitors/month

  • Canada

    25,000 visitors/month

  • Pakistan

    20,000 visitors/month


The vast majority of our traffic falls between the ages of 13 - 24. Our users are technology users who are currently being educated. These visitors are early adopters, and look for new trends and topics on & offline.

Statistically speaking, we have gained a survey response rate of 1% of our total visitors. This ensures that our sample size is statistically accurate and provides us with quality information to empower our business. To that end, we also factor in our Facebook page insights to provide a more detailed description of our users.

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  • Draw Play

    Draw the right path & guide your character to the flag as fast as possible...

  • Airdog

    Hit the slopes in this fun 3D snowboarding game...

  • Celebrity Judgement

    Judge whether or not these celebs should go to heaven or hell...

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