Medically proven: Laughing increases your lifespan
Funny Games prides itself on being the internets premier haven for hilarious games! Featuring hilarious spoofs of Jersey Shore, celebrity misfortunes, and everything FUNNY. Visit

Traffic and Reach

Funny Games generates over 200,000 visitors per day, with over 60% search engine traffic. High retention rate and recency illustrates the addicting content base & the nature of our visitors interests.

  • United States

    2,300,000 visitors/month

  • United Kingdom

    1,500,000 visitors/month

  • Austrailia

    600,000 visitors/month

  • Canada

    500,000 visitors/month

  • Germany

    450,000 visitors/month

  • India

    250,000 visitors/month

  • Israel

    200,000 visitors/month


Funny Games visitors take pride in their off the wall interests. Of our properties, Funny Games reaches a younger audience of kids between the ages of 13-17. These kids are on the cusp of new trends and technology, and are early adopters.

Statistically speaking, we have gained a survey response rate of 2% of our total visitors. This ensures that our sample size is statistically accurate and provides us with quality information to empower our business. To that end, we also factor in our Facebook page insights to provide a more detailed description of our users.