Latin American Supersite
Spanish for "The Games", DaJuegos.com offers visitors brand new racing & puzzle games. Visit DaJuegos.com

Traffic and Reach

DaJuegos reaches over 300,000 visitors daily, generating in excess of 8pv/u. The site is organically grown, with top search results for many spanish gaming keywords.

  • Mexico

    3,500,00 visitors/month

  • Argentina

    1,800,000 visitors/month

  • Colombia

    800,000 visitors/month

  • Venezuela

    750,000 visitors/month

  • Chile

    700,000 visitors/month

  • Peru

    500,000 visitors/month

  • Spain

    450,000 visitors/month


The current demographic data we have available is rough estimates based on 2 surveys that launched early 2011. We are working on getting more information from our users to statistically represent our traffic.