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Bubblebox is a hub for kids seeking action & adventure. Our proprietary role-playing games allow kids to step in the shoes of an action hero. Challenging missions, and customized worlds entertain our visitors for hours on end. Visit Bubblebox.com

Traffic and Reach

Since 2006, Bubblebox has become a household name for adventure and action games. Bubblebox receives a higher percentage of return visitors than any of our other properties due to the addicting nature of our games. Bubblebox.com generates in excess of 200,000 visitors, with an extended reach in Asia. The chart below illustrates the origin of traffic from the top 7 countries.

  • United States

    2,000,000 visitors/month

  • China

    700,000 visitors/month

  • United Kingdom

    600,000 visitors/month

  • Brazil

    400,000 visitors/month

  • Germany

    350,000 visitors/month

  • Canada

    250,000 visitors/month

  • France

    200,000 visitors/month


Bubblebox.com visitors fall in between the ages of 13-24, with almost split share between 13-17 & 18-24. Overwhelming gender metrics point to a male demographic both within our surveys and using Facebook insights.

Statistically speaking, we have gained a survey response rate of 2% of our total visitors. This ensures that our sample size is statistically accurate and provides us with quality information to empower our business. To that end, we also factor in our Facebook page insights to provide a more detailed description of our users.

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