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Is it not amazing what computers can do? is equipped with thousands of free online games, facts, jokes, and so much more...and even classic This endless source of content allows users to entertain themselves 24hrs per day, 365 days a year. Visit

Traffic and Reach is a natural type-in domain that generates hundreds of thousands of organic visitors daily. The traffic quality is of the highest caliber, and performs phenomenally for advertisers. On average, generates in excess of 200,000 visitors from nearly 90% of the globe. The chart below illustrates visitor origin from the top 7 countries.

  • United States

    4,000,000 visitors/month

  • United Kingdom

    1,000,000 visitors/month

  • Canada

    500,000 visitors/month

  • Russia

    200,000 visitors/month

  • Austrailia

    175,000 visitors/month

  • Italy

    100,000 visitors/month

  • China

    100,000 visitors/month

*data from Google Analytics for the month of August 2011


Throughout the past 3 years we have issued quarterly surveys. These surveys have provided us with deep insights into our general user demographics, as well as interests. This information helps us find quality content that will satisfy the wants and needs of our users. In addition to providing our users with relevant content, we are also able to compliment our content with relevant and adjacent advertising opportunities. The result is a valuable approach to end users and advertisers alike.

Statistically speaking, we have gained a survey response rate of 2% of our total visitors. This ensures that our sample size is statistically accurate and provides us with quality information to empower our business. To that end, we also factor in our Facebook page insights to provide a more detailed description of our users.

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