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Game Pub started in 2008 with the acquisition of Bored.com under the company JWmedia. Bored.com was initially developed and maintained by Eric Borgos who created Bored.com as a hub of links to various owned subsites. This classic version of Bored.com is still live today, and helps cure boredom for thousands daily. Soon after the acquisition of Bored.com in 2008, GamePub was founded as it was clear to us that our visitors enjoy gaming content. This directional change sparked a new business model that offered growth and opportunities beyond our initial forecasts.

Throughout the past 2 years we have grown to acquire top tier flash gaming websites including Bubblebox.com, Funny-Games.biz (etc) that have adjacent & complimentary visitor interests. In this approach we provide advertiser value and can share content across all of our websites. The end result is a multi-faceted business which is currently expanding into mobile and social gaming markets. Our visitor base generates in excess of 1 billion ad impressions per month, and shows no sign of slowing down.

We are currently building our website, so please bear with us while we build our repertoire of content

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  • Product Manager

    We are looking for an experienced, and well qualified candidate to manage product development for one of our websites.
  • Game Managers

    Are you experienced in mobile or flash game development & sponsorship?
  • Content Updaters

    We are looking for long term help updating our websites with new games. Motivated individuals only!